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England's Oldest Commercial Vineyard Est. 1952

England's Oldest Commercial Vineyard

Established in 1952 by Major-General Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones, Hambledon Vineyard prides itself on a long and rich heritage of innovation in English winemaking. Read more about England's Oldest Vineyard, nestled within the 'Cradle of Cricket'.

Since 1952

A visionary who sowed the seeds which would eventually birth England's oldest commercial vineyard; Major General Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones.
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The Cradle of Cricket

The small village of Hambledon is recognised not only as the home of England’s oldest commercial vineyard, but also as the birthplace of cricket...
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History of English Sparkling

English wines are not a brand new phenomenon, we have been enjoying them for thousands of years. It all started with the Romans...
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Hambledon Reborn

Over half a century later, a passionate wine lover rekindled the art of English winemaking. And so a new era was born...
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