The Cradle of Cricket

Just Across the Valley

Hambledon village in Hampshire is recognised not only as the home of England’s oldest commercial vineyard, but also as the cradle of cricket. 

Hambledon Cricket Club played an important role in the history of the sport and features prominently in the museum at Lords. Originally a social club for local nobility, Hambledon became the foremost cricket club in England by the late 18th Century, attracting some of the best players in the country. Its original home at Broad-Halfpenny Down can be seen across the valley from Hambledon Vineyard. 

At this time the wicket consisted of just two stumps. But after Kent’s leading bowler (Lumpy Stevens) bowled Hambledon’s leading batsman (John Small) through the stumps three times without dislodging the bails in one match, a third stump was introduced. This historical development is commemorated in the Hambledon logo

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