Summer Picnic Essentials: From Wine Coolers to Picnic Glasses

Summer Picnic Essentials: From Wine Coolers to Picnic Glasses

Summer is fast approaching, and with it begins the glut of garden parties, barbecues and picnics as we Brits make the most of some much needed sunshine. These occasions can be anything from a casual get-together to a glamorous gathering, but either way, we at Hambledon Vineyard like to ring in these events with a mixture of convenience and elegance. Our list of essentials always accompanies us to any outdoor gatherings, from a luxury wine cooler, to the Finest English Sparkling wine. 

Hambledon Vineyard x Fieldbar: Tête-à-Tête Wine Cooler Bundle

The result of a new partnership between Hambledon Vineyard and Fieldbar, this luxury wine cooler comes in a truly timeless chalk white colour ('Safari White'), with a bespoke, leather handle with Hambledon Vineyard branding. Fieldbar, like Hambledon Vineyard have a commitment to craftmanship, and champion sustainability- with all 58 parts of the cooler box able to be removed, repaired and recirculated. This curated bundle comes with not only the wine cooler, but a bottle of our much-loved Classic Cuvée Rosé, a pair of premium, reusable Hambledon Vineyard plastic picnic glasses, and a bottle stopper to keep your wine fresh.

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Hambledon Vineyard Classic Cuvée

Hambledon Vineyard's Classic Cuvée is truly a crowd-pleasing bottle, with a bright acidity and an abundance of fresh, green apple, citrus and white flower- making the cuvée complex, yet absolutely perfect for apéritif in the sun with friends. Perfectly paired with picnic staples, like soft cheese (The Hampshire Cheese Co.'s Tunworth is a favourite of ours), salty charcuterie such as Coppa, and their accompanients, such as candied nuts and honey. 

Premium, Reusable Picnic Glasses

Perfect for those who do not wish to sacrifice their glassware to the outdoors (or, do the inevitable cleanup after breakage), enter our new, premium, reusable picnic glasses. Designed to show our wines in their best light, this wide bowl, branded glass is simple, elegant, and perfect for transitioning the luxury of winter dinner parties, to summer picnics. 

Limited Edition Hambledon Vineyard Tote Bag

Perfect to carry all of your summer essentials, our special edition tote bags, with a motif of the iconic Mill Down House, is the ideal addition to your picnic kit. With a simple yet eye catching design, it is perfect to carry anything from sparkling wine, to your picnic blanket, to your sunscreen.

Hambledon Vineyard Classic Cuvée Rosé

The ideal wine for a hot summer day, our Classic Cuvée Rosé is a chardonnay-led blend, with rich aromas of red summer fruits, with a crisp, yeasty finish. Perfect on its own, as well as alongside a variety of food; strawberries and cream are a firm favourite. 

Location, Location, Location...

Of course, a key element of any good picnic is the ideal location; whether you're looking for a beautiful view, comfortable seating, or proximity to home. The South Downs National Park is a vast and stunning area with many opportunities to enjoy a meal outdoors this Summer, the National Park kindly gave us some recommendations as to their favourite spots. Read the article here. Most importantly, remember to look after nature and leave no trace.