Why is Hambledons Terroir so Special?

In Good Company

Geology has played a key role in the planning for Hambledon Vineyard.  The chalk on which we grow our vines was formed on the seabed of the Paris basin some 65 million years ago. It is part of the Newhaven Chalk formation that developed between the Santonian and Campanian eras of the Upper Cretaceous period (known as the Senonien period in Champagne). The same chalk, with the same Belemnite content, is found in the best Chardonnay areas of the Côtes des Blancs in Champagne and is thought to be a key factor in the quality of the wines.

Chalk is the perfect subsoil for growing vines because it acts like a sponge, retaining water when needed but also providing great drainage when it rains so that the vines do not get ‘cold, wet feet’! 

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