Hambledon Vineyard Picking 2021 FAQ's

 Is picking weather dependant?  What do we do if it rains?

The short answer is - it depends! Depending upon circumstances which includes ripeness of fruit, condition of grape bunches, weather forecasts and a number of other factors if there is one heavy day of rain we MIGHT not pick that day. However, it might be that the rain is not too bad, so we will pick on in the rain.

What should I wear?
We may well be picking in the rain, so good waterproofs (tops and bottoms) are heavily recommended (otherwise you will get soaked!).  You will be on your feet all day, and the ground is very uneven, so please wear sturdy boots or strong wellies.
You may need a hat if it rains, but you won’t need gloves. Otherwise, be prepared to get a bit mucky so sensible outdoor clothes – and remember a jumper just in case!

What time do we start and finish?
There will be a daily briefing at 07.30, and we usually finish around 16.30/17.00 depending on how the day has gone.
There is a short break morning and afternoon, and an hour for lunch.

What do I bring to eat and drink?
You don’t need to bring anything except water bottles - we will provide on site refreshments – tea, coffee and water.  We will also provide a simple lunch at 1130-1230.  After picking, there will be a glass of our fizz available for anyone in need of restoration before heading home to start again bright and early the next day.

How do I get paid?
We will need your bank details and we will pay electronically into your bank account within 5 working days of completing your days’ picking.
Please note: as this is temporary work we are legally able to pay gross but please ensure you follow tax guidelines for declaring the work on your tax returns.  We are not able to provide taxation advice.

Will I be working on my own?
You will be working in teams, picking the rows of grapes.  If you come as a group, and wish to stay together as a group, then that’s your team!  We may add others to the team, to keep the numbers even.  We have great team spirit amongst our pickers, and it’s a great fun week!
There will be supervisors on site at all times, helping you and answering any picking questions you may have.
How do I pick grapes?
Don’t worry, we will train you!  We will provide all the equipment you need too!  It’s easy to pick up, and by the end of this experience you will be expert grape pickers!  We cut the whole bunch at the stem with a pair of picking scissors (we supply those) and place the bunch in a picking crate. We brief people to be careful not to snip their fingers with the scissors! 

What grapes will I be picking?
We will be picking Chardonnay grapes, but don’t worry, our experts will be on hand to tell you which ones to pick!

What will I be carrying around?
You will need to carry your full picking crate (around 20kg) to a central point which is then collected and dropped into the press, creating the wine.

How many days do I have to do?
We would ideally want you to commit to doing at least 3 days; we cannot guarantee the total number of days picking but we anticipate it will be 5. This depends on the crop yield, and we are hoping it will be high. We will keep you informed throughout the picking so you will know how it’s all going.
Is there Transport?
You will need to make your way to the Vineyard under your own steam – we have a large car park and there are regular buses from Waterlooville to Hambledon and surrounding towns, but please do your research so you arrive in time for the daily briefing.

If you have any other questions then please feel free to get in touch with pickers@hambledonvineyard.co.uk