Meet the Cellar Door Dining Team: Sarah Jones-Bierton

Meet the Cellar Door Dining Team: Sarah Jones-Bierton

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’ve been a chef for nearly 10 years. I’ve worked in restaurants in London, France and along the south coast. My heart has always been in the south coast and that is where my partner (Odhran, Sous chef at CDD) and I have settled with our precarious yet endearing cat, Oscar. 

I’m predominantly a pastry chef as I adore all things sugar. It’s safe to say I have a massively sweet tooth and am always thinking about what I can bake next. I love what you can create with sugar, butter and eggs and I really enjoy the science behind it also. Personally, I feel like a main course is a necessity but when it comes to desserts there is nothing quite like the pleasure of tucking into an oozing, glossy chocolate fondant with rich vanilla ice-cream, for me, that is the ultimate satisfaction and luxury and although not a necessity it is most certainly always desired. 

What is your role at our Cellar Door Dining Experience?

I’m the junior sous at CDD. Although I’m mostly pastry & larder chef, I’m not afraid to get stuck in where needs be. If there’s a pot that needs scrubbing or a floor that needs cleaning, I’ll be all hands-on deck to get it done.  

I also feel that there’s nothing quite like a woman’s touch in the kitchen. Every good brigade has a strong woman. I believe I bring finesse, structure and tranquillity and you can always count on me to be singing in the kitchen. 

What made you want to become a chef?

From a young age I was forever baking with my talented mother. She would bake simple things such as fairy cakes, rice crispy squares and cinnamon buns and from then on, I was hooked. It always amazed me how you can create such beautiful delights from very few ingredients. My mother shaped me into the cook I am today, but it is places such as Limewood Hotel, Sabor & Elystan Street that I owe gratification for the chef I have become. 

What is your signature dish?

In my family they would tell you that cake is the signature thing to cook. I make everything from a classic lemon drizzle to coconut & raspberry or peanut butter and chocolate. Quite frankly, I enjoy cooking everything from sweet to savoury. It definitely depends on the time of year, but you can’t beat a sticky toffee pudding in winter or a really tangy lemon tart in summer. 

And finally, what inspires you?

I may not tell him enough, but I have so much admiration for my partner Odhrán  (Sous chef at CDD) He has had such an impact on my career, he has taught me speed and how to remain calm as well as all the other aspects that comes along with being a chef. He is so diligent and level headed that I truly admire him a chef. 

I do also get such big inspiration from chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Paul Ainsworth and Luke Holder. Watching their passion and utmost joy when they are creating a dish is simply just a delight to watch and read about. I adore a chef who just loves food and you can always see it in their faces. 

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