How much wine can you get out of each vine?

How much wine can you get out of each vine?

This is one of the questions visitors ask our guides frequently (the other one is here, check it out !)

There is a rule of thumb among our vineyard and winemaking team when it comes to how much wine one can get out of a vine. However, every vineyard, every vine, every grape and certainly every year are different. Plus, depending on the age of the vines, that number can change drastically.

However, if you want to impress your friends at your next dinner, follow us.

Usually, here at Hambledon Vineyard we say that on average, one vine will be able to produce up to 10-20 bunches - one bunch of grapes weighing c. 150 grams.

It is also commonly agreed that one needs 1.2kg of grapes to make a bottle of wine. Which means that, in a “normal” year (if there is a such a thing) there would be c. 1.8kg of grapes per vine, so 1.5 bottles per plant/vine.

Why don’t you visit us at the vineyard and count all our vines to estimate our annual production? (or, instead, have a nice tour with one of our guides!). We welcome you all year long, in all weathers, and we love nothing more than to answer all your questions about English sparkling wines! Book a tour here!

Look forward to welcoming you to the vineyard then.