Women of Hambledon: Lauren Rose

Women of Hambledon: Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose- Marketing & Brand Content Assistant


Here at Hambledon Vineyard, we are committed towards gender parity and with this, making the industry more inclusive to female talents. With statistics from a study executed by The Wine Nerd and Wonder Women of Wine highlighting astonishing figures and showing that no roles had perceived gender equality- we are working tirelessly to bridge this gap.

In this series, we introduce the women of Hambledon Vineyard, who form an integral part of the business and shine a spotlight on Hambledon Vineyard's talented females working tirelessly to make Hambledon the Finest English Fizz. 

In this instalment of ‘Women of Hambledon’, we chat to Lauren Rose, our Marketing and Brand Content Assistant! Passionate about wine and responsible for our content creation, Lauren gives us an insight into what motivates her, who inspires her, and why she loves working in the wine industry.  

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Lauren, the Marketing and Brand Content Assistant here at Hambledon Vineyard. I grew up in Yorkshire and graduated from the University of York. Having nurtured a passion for wine throughout university, I jumped at the opportunity to work in the industry, and moved to Hampshire very promptly after I finished!

What’s your relationship to wine in general? The decisions that led to you working in wine?

It’s a long, convoluted story, but when my friends used to drink alcopops and spirits of mysterious origin, I opted for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec! As I began to try more wines, I became fascinated with how different grapes produced such different flavours and aromas. During lockdown I created an Instagram account on which I tried to find accessible wines for people of my demographic, and while my tastes have matured (some would say, improved), I began to develop a passion for English Wine and what our unique terroir and talent can produce.

Really, I knew I wanted to work with wine from the moment I started drinking it- there’s so much to learn and I continue to do so on the daily!

What or who do you get your inspiration from? Who are your role models?

I get inspiration from anybody who has a mission and pushes the boundaries to achieve it, whether that be in wine or other industries. With the opportunities that women have today, there’s really no reason to hold oneself back!

What would be your advice to young women starting in the industry?

I’m still learning, but talk to whoever you can, whenever you can- there’s always somebody that has new knowledge to share! I really believe in both learning through books and through ‘doing’, taste as many wines as you can, ask other people’s thoughts and take every opportunity to learn what you can about wine. People are often more willing to give you a chance than you may think!