Hambledon Vineyard: “Shaped by Nature, Crafted by Hand”®

Hambledon Vineyard: “Shaped by Nature, Crafted by Hand”®

At Hambledon Vineyard, as part of the vineyard’s 70th anniversary celebrations, we have collaborated with talented digital artist Sebastien Baert on a bespoke creation, imagined as a tribute to the combination of our extraordinary terroir and human skills.

The piece reveals a dreamy landscape, beautifully shaped by Nature under the unique influence of the ocean - with cliffs of chalk reminding us of the Hampshire soil and of how essential chalk is to making exceptional sparkling wine; That landscape is then artfully refined by a sculpture and by stairs crafted by skilled human hands; A bottle of Hambledon Vineyard’s Premiere Cuvee bottle perfects the view, showing exceptional balance and mastery in growing vines and making wine, and illustrating the brand’s signature :

“Shaped by Nature, Crafted by Hand.”®

Our terroir is truly exceptional, a gift from Nature: The finest chalk soil, born sixty-five million years ago; Slopes slowly shaped under the influence of the ocean; A cool yet sunny climate, protected by the Isle of Wight. And in return, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, making the wines of Hambledon Vineyard a unique combination of the most extraordinary terroir and craft.” – Ian Kellett

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About Sebastien Baert

Born in Paris in 1995, Sébastien Baert is a multidisciplinary designer based in Paris.

He had an academic training in product design from ENSAAMA followed by a degree in space design at STRATE.

This dual qualification allows him to work in different branches of design and to embrace his projects as a whole. He approaches design from the digital side through minimalist and surreal 3D images and collaborates with publishing houses, galleries but also individuals and various brands.

Instagram : @sebastien.baert