Give the Gift of British Heritage this Christmas

Give the Gift of British Heritage this Christmas

As a historically family-run British brand, established at our home in Hampshire in 1952, our heritage is something that is close to our heart here at Hambledon Vineyard. Buying high-quality, local produce is a priority for us as the festive season approaches, both from the perspective of supporting local businesses and with sustainability in mind.

Why buy local?

One of the most evident benefits here includes supporting your local economy- by purchasing direct from a local company, this enables cherished businesses to continue operation, and to provide the products and services that you love. Whether that be candles, fresh produce, or indeed sparkling wine, buying direct helps to secure community favourites. While this may, at a glance, seem like it would take more time, many smaller businesses today have easy-to-use direct to consumer sales platforms and home delivery, making it simpler than ever to purchase from your favourite local haunts. 

Considering the inclination of many today to consume more consciously, one cannot ignore the fact that buying local is intrinsically more sustainable. With many local producers taking advantage of locally sourced ingredients and raw materials, one business by proxy supports another, whether this be a farmer, an artisan, or a craftsman. Shopping locally also reduces the carbon footprint of your purchases by reducing the miles associated with getting the product to your door. Whether you visit the store in person, or have the product delivered, the emissions from travel will likely be much lower.

For those who make a habit of buying from favourite local retailers, it is very likely that service will become more personal also. The rapport built through purchasing locally become invaluable, from small gestures such as help to pick out the perfect gift, to the long-term benefits reaped from ongoing relationships- it may mean finding hidden gems, tailored to you.

Spotlight On: Hampshire Businesses

Hampshire is a large and vibrant county, with a diverse range of local artisans taking advantage of what our unique patch of land has to offer. At Hambledon Vineyard, we’re proud of the breadth of produce available to us locally and of course, plan to take full advantage of our favourite producers this festive season.

For the ‘Foodies’ in your life, Hampshire Fare provide an extensive directory of Hampshire’s finest produce, from local vineyards (like us here at Hambledon Vineyard), to bakers, farm shops and confectionery. Our beautiful county produces a plethora of ingredients, and the range of provenders means there is something available for all tastes. Hampshire Fare provides the perfect database, from which you will be able to source the perfect gift for that special somebody; whether that be gin made from local botanicals, cured trout from our famous chalk streams, or handcrafted shortbreads to satiate your sweeter tooth.

For a gift for the senses, Compass Candles, based here in Hampshire, are the ideal place to find a gift for somebody that you really wish to treat. With all candles made from entirely natural ingredients, including wooden wicks which crackle while burning, this is perfect for all tastes. With a range classic scented candles, reed diffusers, and bottle candles (compass candles produce Hambledon Vineyard’s upcycled bottle candles!), they provide something for all tastes. Even better, the soy wax used melts at a lower temperature than standard wax and doesn’t tunnel, so almost all wax is melted during

When a gift isn’t quite enough to show your appreciation for a loved one, why not consider treating them to an experience instead? Here in Hampshire, we have a plethora of outstanding restaurants and hotels to give an escape from the quotidien in the New Year. The Pig, for example, boast a one-of-a-kind dining experience, inspired by their 25-mile menu: hyper-local and where possible, grown on-site, the care and attention to the ingredients and dishes is truly singular. To complete the experience, why not book a room? Individually decorated, and affording even more time to enjoy the surroundings in the beautiful New Forest- this will surely be a getaway to remember. Or, for those looking for rest and rejuvenation, take part in one of our tours and tastings here at Hambledon Vineyard- led by one of our experts, discover our historic home vineyard, our state-of-the-art gravity-fed winery and our extensive cellars cut into chalk. Then, stay at the Solent Hotel, only 12 Miles from Hambledon, to enjoy a delicious dinner at their newly opened FYR grill, or, relax in their spa, nestled in ancient meadowland.